You Can’t Appeal to Everyone

picjumbo.com_IMG_1759It’s okay to appeal to some of the people some of the time. Not everyone will “get you.” Seth Godin talks about this in a recent blog post about the artist and the critic.

It doesn’t mean that what you have to offer – your skills and talents – are worthless. It just means they’re worth less to that particular individual, company or organization. And that’s all right.

It doesn’t mean you give up or work less. It means you have to work harder to find a better match, a more aligned mindset.

I recently had this conversation with an internship candidate. She is studying World Music in college while gaining work experience in another field she loves, marketing. For the most part, prospective employers have dismissed her interest in marketing, failing to square it with her passion for music.

I had this conversation last year with a woman who’d gained graduate degrees in creative writing and business administration. She’d been dismissed again and again by business leaders who couldn’t understand why someone would study what they perceived to be such disparate fields.

I’ll say it again: Not everyone will “get you” or appreciate your skills and talents. Spend less time convincing them you’re worth their attention and more time finding folks who’re curious and who perceive incredible potential in someone with multiple passions and the discipline to pursue them.

This is coming from someone with degrees in chemistry, physics, education, English lit, and business administration. If I waited around until others “got me,” I’d have stopped learning and growing a long time ago.


  1. mrdardy on January 20, 2014 at 8:12 pm

    I also remember you having this conversation with a certain math teacher who worked with you some time ago…

    Fit is SO key. Enjoying where you are/what you do/who you do it with

    Hard to find, we need to treasure that balance when we find it.

  2. Gayle on January 20, 2014 at 8:48 pm

    I agree. Clearly, you have found a great fit. : )

    Thanks for reading and for sharing your thoughts.