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How I Found Myself Riding In @KristianStill’s Car

July 26, 2016

For weeks now, I’ve been driving to work with Kristian Still. I just didn’t know it. It wasn’t in my car (I don’t own one). It wasn’t in a carpool or in his car (He’s in the UK. I’m in San Francisco). It was through my podcast, Curious Minds. Turns out Kristian’s been listening to my podcast…

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Sharing Our Learning

July 21, 2016

Dear Curious Minds Listener, One of my favorite parts of hosting Curious Minds is that, each week, listeners reach out to share insights about the show. It could be through an email or a tweet or a LinkedIn message. No matter how they find me, I love hearing which guests they enjoyed and how they’re…

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What the Highest Performers Have Always Known about Data

May 25, 2016

For a firefighter in her first months on the job, her more skilled and experienced peers will be her best teachers. The same holds true for early-career chefs, videographers, and designers. To reach a certain level of performance, we may find it easy to connect with the experts we need. But to achieve even higher…

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