Who’s an Entrepreneur?

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DeathtoStock_Wired1I’d been reading Flash Boys by Michael Lewis and was captivated by the main character, Brad Katsuyama.

At the book’s beginning, I saw Brad as someone who was curious and dogged. By the end, I saw someone who was entrepreneurial. It got me thinking about the traits an entrepreneur possesses.

Here’s a starter list:

Curiosity: You’re so curious about something that you have to keep at it until you find an answer, even if you have to create one.

Determination: You are committed to succeeding, no matter how many obstacles you face.

Belief: You have an inherent belief, even when no one else may, that what you’re standing behind is worth all the sacrifice.

Sacrifice: You will give up a great deal for the chance to pursue your dream.

Smart Enough: You’re smart enough to know what you know and what you don’t know. You find ways to learn and get help from others for what you don’t know.

Egoless: You care so much about what you want to make come alive, that you’ll willingly admit what you don’t know. It’s all right if there are smarter people in the room. You like that.

Storyteller: You can tell a compelling story that makes listeners want to hear more. Because of how you tell your story, you command the attention of the room and you help others understand your vision.

Visionary: You think big and you include others in your vision for accomplishing something incredible.

Executor: You can get things done. You don’t just talk about it. You execute.

Worker: You show up and you do all it takes to get it done.

Imaginer: You can imagine things other cannot see.

Strategizer: You think about how all the pieces fit together, beyond the tactical, to lay out a vision and execute on it in an ambitious way.

Decider: You make a decision and act on it. You don’t waffle once you decide.

Learner: You do. You experiment. You fail. You learn again and again and again.

Leader: People want to work with you and for you. You get people caught up in the vision you have and the passion you have to pursue it.

Innovator: You don’t care about limits. You find a way to break through them.

Creators: You aren’t afraid to create something new, even when others aren’t ready for it.

These are teachers, ed leaders, business leaders, parents, writers, artists, people in all types of positions working to rethink the world in which they live and work. What’s missing from my list?


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