U.S. College Students & Microloans

college students doing homeworks in parkWe tend to find what we’re looking for.  If I’m in a lousy mood and I’m walking down the street or taking the T, what do you think I see?  Lots of people in lousy moods.  Those are the days I come home and say, “this city isn’t friendly.”  Yep.  I found what I was looking for – confirmation of my own foul mood.

I’d argue that a lot of people do the same when it comes to youth, especially college youth.  At time, we think they don’t work as hard or apply themselves as well as they could.  Well, guess what?  We find what we’re looking for.

I’m grateful that Lacey Johnson was looking for something different, something hopeful and encouraging.  She captured college students – most of whom were studying majors other than business – establishing non-profits to support citizens in their college neighborhoods.  Her article, Students Offer Microloans to Help Campus Neighbors Start Small Businesses (Chronicle of Higher Ed, Jan. 20, 2012) is worth reading.

If on-campus microloan non-profits are the new college craze, I’m all for it.  I’d call it inspiring, innovative, and hopeful.  I wonder how much more of that we’d find if we began to look for it.