Tools for (Re)construction

DeathtoStock_Wired2I’ve been following the exchange between Will Richardson and those who’ve commented on his recent blog post, A Parent 2.0’s Back to School Dilemma.  Will’s astute assessment of the current state of schools and schooling has fired up many of his readers and rightly so.

As a parent or guardian, what do you do when your expectations for schooling are at odds with the reality of the experience for your child?

My initial reaction, and it may be naive, is to take advantage of social networking tools to drive the changes we seek.  If public schools are everyone’s schools, then why not refashion them using the tools we value?  The world of politics, of business, of marketing, and of fundraising and development are taking full advantage of the power of these tools.  Why shouldn’t educators, families, parents and guardians be doing the same?

Why can’t we pool our local, regional, national, and global learning resources to transform schooling?  At the least, what about organizing a day or week of “We’re Keeping our Kids Home Today” to communicate our commitment to the changes we seek?  At the most, why not use these tools to create the collective learning spaces (virtual and real) that we want for our young people?

We want our schools to change.  We are our schools.  We fund them, and we populate them.  We must enact the changes we seek.

Freire and Illich say it much better than I ever could . . .