Taking Stock

picjumbo.com_IMG_5992We sat in a room today.  Talked about company strategy and management.

Focused on the big stuff. The stuff you need to wrestle with, strategize on, and problem solve.

As part of the conversation, we talked about pace of innovation.

An adviser recommended we think about all the opportunities that arise for us, as a company, in relation to the culture of the organization we’re working to create. It’s a question of how much risk and failure and crazy-making a company culture can withstand.

Lots of opportunities are terrific, but if you take ’em all, can you withstand the onslaught?

This same adviser recommended that we regularly check in with our employees to see how they’re holding up to the pace of innovation we’ve set. Are they energized by it or are we wearing them out? How are folks faring from day to day and week to week?

Energizing to have these conversations. Great to work with colleagues who want to have these conversations!

Who’s having them in your organization?