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CM 084: Mitch Prinstein on How Popularity Shapes Our Lives

Why are high-school memories of popularity so strong? Because they still shape our lives today. Mitch Prinstein, author of the book, Popular: The Power of Likability in a Status-obsessed World and Professor of Psychology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, explains how teen popularity impacts adult happiness, our health, and our relationships.…

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CM 061: Susan David on Emotional Agility

It is essential to achieve our goals, yet few of us practice it. It is emotional agility — the ability to navigate the thoughts, feelings, and stories we tell ourselves as challenges arise. This does not mean ignoring how we feel or wallowing in those emotions. And it is certainly not about just being happy…

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You Can’t Appeal to Everyone

It’s okay to appeal to some of the people some of the time. Not everyone will “get you.” Seth Godin talks about this in a recent blog post about the artist and the critic. It doesn’t mean that what you have to offer – your skills and talents – are worthless. It just means they’re…

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