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CM 049: Arun Sundararajan on the Sharing Economy

We all share, but today, millions get paid for it. Is this new trend just a fad or is it radical rethink for how we work? When we catch a ride with an Uber driver or contract with someone on Upwork, we marvel at the convenience. What we often overlook is the amount of trust…

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CM 042: Matthew Crawford on Individuality in an Age of Distraction

What if our distractions are robbing us of our individuality? Philosopher-machinist Michael B. Crawford noticed just how much attention we give up — often against our will — to all the distractions strategically placed in front of us, from commercials on ATM screens to blaring airport televisions. He has written a guidebook to identifying the…

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‘Better, Wiser, and Kinder’

How do members of your team – especially your leaders – handle challenges, change, and growth over extended periods of time? Can they soften, support one another, listen, work to understand, empathize? Pixar struggled for nine years before they made it. Nine long years of adversity and obstacles. What they achieved in the end is inspiring. Here’s…

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