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CM 082: Scott Page on the Power of Diverse Teams

Does our obsession with the myth of the lone genius cause us to miss out on opportunities for high-impact innovation? Scott Page helps us see how diverse teams repeatedly outperform not only smart individuals, but also teams of talented individuals with similar backgrounds and cognitive tools. Scott is the author of The Difference: How the…

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What Everyone Should Know about Deliberate Practice

True confession: I’m probably one of the few people out there who saw the movie Top Gun and never knew it was based on an actual military training program. Well, that’s what books are for. I’m reading Anders Ericsson’s book, Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise. What a mind and what a researcher!…

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Permission to be Disagreeable

To be an innovator, you may need to cultivate your disagreeable side. Huh? Malcolm Gladwell spoke today at boxworks 2013 Developer Day. He said he’s been studying what he calls “the social side of innovation.” More specifically, he’s interested in “social risk-taking.” He ‘s been studying the characteristics of those who consciously choose to do…

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