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CM 083: Cesar Hidalgo on the Impact of Collective Learning

When it comes to economic growth, why are some countries and companies better than others? While many experts look to factors in geography, finance, or psychology for the answers, César Hidalgo asks us to look instead at information and networks. Cesar is the author of the book, Why Information Grows: The Evolution of Order, from…

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Learning that Fuels Deep Work

Cal Newport’s book, Deep Work, left a lasting impression on me. It’s the reason I wanted to interview him for Curious Minds.  He’s such a smart and thoughtful guy. While many productivity theorists and practitioners focus solely on work outputs, Cal keeps us honest on the inputs, too. He steps back to ask himself, “Am…

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CM 032: Doug Rushkoff on Redesigning the Economy

Named one of ten most influential thinkers in the world by MIT, Doug Rushkoff asks some seriously big questions on this episode of Curious Minds. The biggest one is: what if an economy predicated on growth is unsustainable? Growth at companies like General Electric (GE) used to mean jobs for hundreds of thousands of people.…

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