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CM 068: Michelle Segar on Exercise for Life

If you struggle with exercise, Michelle Segar has a secret for you: Stop blaming yourself! Blame the system! After years of studying the science of motivation, Michelle Segar, Ph.D., Director of SHARP — the Sport, Health, and Activity research and policy center at the University of Michigan — has created a framework for rethinking exercise…

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CM 058: Jessica Tracy on the Benefits of Pride

Is pride a deadly sin or a key to our survival? Will it lead us down a destructive path or can it actually help us resist temptation? In this conversation, Jessica Tracy answers these questions and more. Jessica is a Professor of Psychology at the University of British Columbia and author of the book, Take…

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9 Simple Motivators to Drive Change

A lot of life has to do with changing behaviors. Maybe we’ve done something a certain way for a while, and now we need to do it differently. Or we’re responsible for leading a change initiative, and we’ve got to get others on board. We’re reasonable human beings, right? If we focus on what’s rational…

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