Strategies for Real & Virtual Collaboration

young students sitting together with notesI’ve been taking long walks lately while I recuperate from pneumonia.  Normally, I’d do something more vigorous, but walking seems to be about it for me right now.

That said, I listen to lots of different things when I walk.  Sometimes music, other times podcasts (check out Elvis Mitchell’s free podcast, The Treatment, if you get the chance; he asks great questions, actually gives his guests time to answer, and he knows his s&*%; love him).  Anyway, I’m surprised to find that I’m also hooked on the HBR Ideacast podcast.

On a recent listen, I heard from two people from Stanford University’s (design school).  I’m a big fan of their  I have teaching colleagues who’ve gone to their summer workshops for educators and raved about it.  Check out their interview when you get the chance (15-18 min.).  They offer great tips for managers, leaders, and teachers trying to create collaborative spaces.

Another great resource to consider (love this!) is Monsoon, an electronic brainstorming space.  The creators argue that you miss out on ideas when you’re face-to-face and people can only share one at a time.  They use a virtual space for sharing, and it allows you to synthesize ideas and find key words post-brainstorm.  Interesting idea to break things up and get at the process differently.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my “idea share” tonight.