Making a Choice to Keep Learning

Image courtesy of anankkml /

Image courtesy of anankkml /

Jim’s been teaching math for twenty-seven years, and he’s been leading math departments for about a decade.

He wanted to connect with other math educators and to create resources he and his colleagues might use. He wanted to be part of something bigger than himself.

Six months ago, Jim barely used social media. Now he blogs, he tweets, and he collaborates on e-books. He says he feels re-energized as a math teacher and department leader.

Jim hasn’t moved to another school. He hasn’t taken a new job. Instead, he’s kept on learning, and he’s been doing that learning with colleagues he admires. He’s also sharing what he’s learning and he’s contributing to a broader dialogue on math education.

It’s incredible how a decision to keep on learning, to learn with others, and to share that learning can be life-changing.

Thanks for the inspiration, Jim!