Feeling Grateful

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photoA few years ago, I had the opportunity to study at MIT. It was an amazing experience, and one for which I’ll be forever grateful.

Today is the first chance I’ve had to return to campus since I studied here. Let’s just say, it was an incredible day.

In particular, I wanted to thank the following people and give a shout-out to their inspiring initiatives:

  1. Natalie Kuldell, MIT Instructor of Biological Engineering, and President of The BioBuilder Educational Foundation. She works with teachers at the middle school, high school and college level nationally and internationally to integrate engineering principles into biology instruction. Over the past two years, she’s built a foundation that serves teachers and students world-wide and that’s making a crucial difference in the field of STEM education. Natalie, you are one inspiring educator (check out her TEDxBermuda talk)!
  2. Lori Breslow, Director of MIT’s Teaching and Learning Lab and Senior Lecturer extraordinaire! When Lori’s not meeting with educational and research thought leaders around the globe, she’s working on cutting-edge research projects at MIT and beyond, as well as teaching her own classes and mentoring incredible post-doc students. Lori, your contributions to the field are incredible!
  3. Philipp Schmidt, who I had the chance to meet for the first time in person today, is a Director’s Fellow at MIT’s Media Lab. He works on “learning innovation” (MLx,UnhangoutsLearning Creative Learning) and is also the cofounder of Peer 2 Peer University (P2PU), “a non-profit organization and online community that experiments with new ways of learning.” He “served on the founding board of theOpenCourseWare Consortium and co-authored the Cape Town Open Education Declaration.” It was fascinating to learn more about your upcoming research project goals – from approach to methods determination to criteria for participants.
  4. Steve Haraguchi, Assistant to Fiona Murray, the Associate Dean of Innovation for MIT’s newly-established Innovation Center. I’m excited to learn more about the programs and initiatives you’ll be putting in place. Cheers to you for taking on this fantastic challenge!

Can’t wait to come back again!

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