CM 049: Arun Sundararajan on the Sharing Economy

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Blog Post - Arun SundararajanWe all share, but today, millions get paid for it. Is this new trend just a fad or is it radical rethink for how we work?

When we catch a ride with an Uber driver or contract with someone on Upwork, we marvel at the convenience. What we often overlook is the amount of trust it takes to ride with a stranger or to work with someone we may never meet. Yet that level of trust is what is driving the sharing economy, a form of commerce that harkens back to the 11th-century Maghribi traders.

In his book, The Sharing Economy: The End of Employment and the Rise of Crowd-based Capitalism, NYU Stern Professor Arun Sundararajan provides the context and the history for how we got here. He also paints a picture for where we are headed, particularly when it comes to labor and safety policies and regulations. A recognized authority on the sharing economy, he has written for the New York Times, Wired, the Financial Times, and Harvard Business Review.

In this interview, we talk about:

  • What makes the sharing economy similar to 18th-century commerce
  • How we are making the shift away from corporate buying to peer purchasing
  • How the sharing economy is blurring the lines between personal and professional
  • How the pendulum is swinging back to relationships, connections, and gifts
  • How the sharing economy speaks to our yearning for making and connection
  • What the 11th-century Maghribi traders can teach us about trust and commerce
  • Ways the sharing economy encourages us to do a better job
  • Whether the sharing economy can reduce inequality
  • How the sharing economy requires different labor regulations and policies
  • How the government can partner with platforms to rethink regulations
  • How labor regulations were designed for an era of full-time workers
  • Why our economy will increasingly rely on stakeholders other than government
  • How blockchain tech promises a world where crowd is market maker
  • Why trust is embedded in this economic shift
  • How new forms of trust will enable new forms of commerce
  • What is it about digital cues that help us trust one another?

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