CM 002: David H. Hansson on How to Rethink Leadership

CM and DHHDavid Heinemeier Hansson is the Founder and CTO of Basecamp (formerly 37signals), best-selling author of Rework and Remote, and creator of the popular web application framework Ruby on Rails.

David is rethinking what it means to build a company in the digital age. He and his co-founder rejected the typical startup narrative in favor of a more traditional approach to building a global business. For this reason, Basecamp has the size of a typical startup, the reach of a global firm and the profitability of a mature company. Much of that success stems from a philosophy that puts customers and employees first, focuses on the long term, and prioritizes remote work.

You will also learn:

  • how he met his co-founder Jason Fried
  • how a series of blog posts turned into a best-selling book
  • how we may be underestimating the potential of remote workers
  • why most business books probably do not apply to your organization
  • how meetings deter employees from getting work done
  • the lessons of the dot-com crash for building a sustainable company
  • why he advises startup founders to avoid venture funding and working in Silicon Valley
  • how important it is to work for all kinds of bosses, especially bad ones
  • why the best work environment might be one where you are slightly out of your depth
  • how the ancient philosophy of stoicism can inform decisions in the modern world

David also talks about the importance of living a good life today rather than some time in the future.

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