Art in the World!

photoSpoke to a middle school art teacher today about projects he’s working on with his students.  He shared that he’d spent a lot of time first talking to students about how they like to approach an art project – dive in, sketch out ideas, play with different mediums – and how they like to think about the work they’re going to do in relation to their worlds.  No surprise, but he found that helping his students connect their classroom work to the world beyond the classroom changes everything for him and them.  It gets them talking about what they see outside of school and how it relates to what they’re learning – gets them to bring the outside in.

By the way, he’s asking them to create sculpture projects this year that are functional – they have to be able to “wear” them.  Should be very interesting . . .

: )


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  2. Gayle on November 18, 2010 at 10:43 pm

    Terrific! : )