5 Resources for Game-Based Learning

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Image courtesy of [contributor name] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Already designing games for learning? Still considering whether or not it’s worth the time? Diving in but could use some resources?

No matter what stage of the game design process you’re in, these 5 resources provide something for everyone.

1. Need some incentive? Want some proof that students find it helpful to learn through well-constructed games? Four researchers worked with 89 fifth-graders. They asked these students to design learning apps for circuits and electricity. They could choose any form they wished. Guess what they designed and prototyped? Games!

2. Need an expert’s opinion? Check out what Jessica Trybus, the New Media Institute’s resident Game-based Learning Communications Guru and Director of Edutainment for Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center has to say:

We don’t need more time in the classroom to learn how to think and perform in the face of real-world challenges. We need effective, interactive experiences that motivate and actively engage us in the learning process. This is where game-based learning comes in. As it turns out, for many years, videogame designers have been producing and refining highly motivating learning environments for their players to enjoy.

3. How do we differentiate game design to accommodate every learner? Nicole Lazzaro believes learners fall into 4 different categories when it comes to the types of games they enjoy (hard fun, easy fun, serious fun, and people fun). Check out her cool graphic!

4. Need some insights on the properties games for learning should include from a games and learning researcher? Check out what James Gee has to say about the 6 properties of game design for deep learning.

5. How about an incredible resource for educators and game designers from the Institute of Play? It’s their Design Pack for Games and Learning. Lots of terrific resources here – rubrics, templates, user feedback tools, etc.

Hope these help you with your game design work, no matter what stage you’re in! Let me know how it’s going.


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