4 Things You Should Know about Gratitude

Photo by Donnie Ray Jones

Photo by Donnie Ray Jones

1. We value it more than we practice it.

Of the more than 2,000 people surveyed across the U.S., 94% said they believe gratitude is an important personality trait.

Yet only 50% of those who value it practice it regularly.


2. We don’t realize how big an impact it has on our happiness.

Of all the personality traits studied, turns out gratitude may have the highest connection to mental health and happiness. In fact, nearly 20% of individual differences in people’s happiness can be predicted by how grateful they feel.


3. We thank strangers before intimates.

97% say they express appreciation to a server in a restaurant.

58% say they thank an airport security person.

Less than 50% thank their partners or spouses.


4. We’d work harder if we got more of it (and gave more of it, too).

81% say they’d work harder for a more grateful boss.

70% say they’d feel better about themselves if a boss expressed gratitude.

Yet only 7% regularly thank their bosses, and only 10% regularly thank their colleagues.