What’s Possible When Makers, Designers, and Builders Solve Real Problems

Photo by Nadya Peek

Photo by Nadya Peek

What happens when we make, design, and build with a purpose? And what happens when that purpose provides the solution to another person’s problem?

These are the questions Mick Ebeling asks in his book, Not Impossible: The Art and Joy of Doing What Couldn’t Be Done. And these are the questions that led him to extol a simple philosophy: help many to help one. It’s a philosophy that’s put into practice all the time, and today’s makers and designers and builders are amplifying the impact of that philosophy.

Take a page from a 12-year-old boy who built a braille printer from a Lego kit called Mindstorms. I wrote about him in an earlier post that you can find here.

It’s less a question of what we can build, make, and design, and more a question of who we can build for? Who can we help? Whose problem can we help solve? Mick says “I would like to see people have greater access to medical devices, communication devices, and other things they need. . . . [M]akers have disrupted the marketplace and, because [of that] . . . people who needed those things in the past suddenly have more access to them.”

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