20 Traits of Tomorrow’s Most Successful Organizations

Nguyen Hung Vu

In his forward to Jim Whitehurst’s new book, The Open Organization: Igniting Passion and Performance, Gary Hamel provides a compelling 20-trait list for tomorrow’s successful organizations. It’s a terrific list to jumpstart powerful conversations for organizational change:

  1. Leaders will be chosen by the led.
  2. Contribution will matter more than credentials
  3. Influence will come from your value added, not your title.
  4. Individuals will compete to make a difference, not to climb a pyramid.
  5. Compensation will be set by peers, not bosses.
  6. Every idea will compete on an equal footing.
  7. Resources will be allocated with market-like mechanisms.
  8. Experimentation and fast prototyping will be core competencies.
  9. Communities of passion will be the basic organizational building blocks.
  10. Coordination will occur through collaboration, not centralization.
  11. Lateral communication will be more important than vertical communication.
  12. Structure will emerge only where it creates value and disappear everywhere else.
  13. Strategy making will be a dynamic, companywide conversation.
  14. Change will start in unexpected places and get rolled up, not out.
  15. Control will be achieved through transparency and peer feedback.
  16. Organizational boundaries will be porous.
  17. Everyone will think like a business owner, and be just as accountable.
  18. Decisions will be made as close to the coal face as possible.
  19. Commitments will be voluntary.
  20. “Why” will matter more than “what.”

Agree? Disagree? What would you add? Any of these resonate with you more than others?