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Why EdTech Needs Your Domain Knowledge

  There’s nothing like domain knowledge when it comes to building, growing, and sustaining a company. That’s why I recently spoke with a group of Teachers College, Columbia University, students and alumni (I’m an alum, as well). I said “we need your knowledge and skills in this space!” Why? Because the best companies are the ones…

Are You Getting Enough Stress?

Dr. Kelly McGonigal wants us to have more stress. While others repeatedly tell us to avoid it, manage it, or downright eliminate it, she suggests we embrace it. So what’s the catch? Is McGonigal a workaholic? A masochist? Or is she just plain uninformed? Turns out, she’s none of these things. McGonigal is a psychologist at…

Can You Engineer a Life?

When I started to read a book by a Stanford engineering professor, I thought I’d learn more about how to think than how to feel. I certainly didn’t expect the first line of the first chapter to read: “Your life has no meaning.” But Bernard Roth, author of The Achievement Habit and founding member of…

Your Creativity Lies Where You Least Expect It

It’s a great feeling to be appreciated (and even compensated) for your work. But what if you could accrue those benefits for things you do to get work done? What if you could share your by-products?   By-products are produced in the process of making something else. It’s taken curious and creative minds to see the…